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Mask molding and Croning coring
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Biezanek Noyautage as a subcontractor for smelting works, produces cores and smell molds using Croning process. We won recognition through our mastering of specific machinery, both during production and industrialization. Our expertise and know-how allows us to operate right from design and mold study. We are thus able to improve parts drawing and take full advantage of this accurate process regarding technical and economic aspects. This process is especially adapted to sensitive cores, as prototypes or mass products. Biezanek Noyautage pays specific attention to quality all along production, from packing to delivery to ensure availability and continuity during your production flow.

Competitive strengths of croning coring

  • High dimension accuracy

    up to +/- 0.1 mm.

  • Splendid appearance of surface

    with an average roughness of Ra 6.3.

  • Thin walls

    starting from 2.5 mm

  • Reduction of manufacturing material allowances

    from 50 to 75 %

  • Raw parts weight is maximized

    with an adapted and accurate parts drawing

  • Reduced yield

    thanks to « Croning » exothermic quality

  • Restricted complétions/monitorings

    owing to the quality of assembling/recasting

  • Easier handling

    during recasting and sand reprocessing (hollow cores)

  • Long lasting storage

    made possible thanks to «Croning» cores hydrophobic qualities