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Coring Industrialization
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Noyautage semi manuel croning
half manually operated croning
Poste d'enduction robotisé
automated coating station
Intégration de robot dans un poste de noyautage entièrement automatisé
automation in a “full auto” coring station
Contrôle laser de l'évidement d'évacuation de gaz d'un noyau
Gas release laser monitoring

Combining design, implementation and development of its work tool, including automation programming , Biezanek Noyautage always maximizes productivity and therefore reduces your core costs.

Coring industrialization under control…

This distinctive approach makes it possible, whenever it is needed, to manufacture machines which will be dedicated to specific productions. Furthermore, it allows to have full control on industrialization and above all to be able without delay to step  in manufacturing processes when our clients need changing or maximizing. We have a high ability to react! In order to stay reactive, some automation applications and programming are also part of this integration. Moreover, this significantly reduces industrialization deadlines regarding mass production. For example, our last work in November, carried out from a “top client”, consisted in 3D studies, full machine manufacturing, coating chain implementation, robot integration and designing programs for a “full auto” station. Starting on March 15th, full pace (500 cycles/team) in June.

…to optimize costs

In order to reach the best value for money during manufacturing, each core goes through an in-depth study. Our production and industrialization solutions range from hand coring to “full auto” production. We are now able to integrate automation right from the feasibility study of a part costs, using accurate scenarios.